Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Look Out! - Unrestrained

Artist: Look Out!
Title: Unrestrained
Release Date: 2006
Label: Triple B Records and Team Science Records

Track List:
1. Barren Waste
2. People of the Book
3. Prophet of Doom
4. Unrestrained
5. Truth & Chaos
6. The Serpent

Sometime in 2006 San Antonio's Look Out! became Lie and Wait. Tyler Lutz, their singer is a huge Quicksand fan and at times it shows, not so much on this record though. Lie and Wait doesn't really sound like Quicksand but it's fairly obvious the influence extends past the name of the band. Tyler also has a shitload of nu-metal shared on SoulSeek, thank god there isn't a hint of that in this record. "Unrestrained" for me personally represents Lie and Wait at their best. That isn't to say their newest release "Led Astray" is bad or even worse in any way, it's just that having seen them play these songs so many times I've grown very attached to them. It's clearly a sort of transition record, coming after 2004's "No Control" which is no where near on the same level as "Unrestrained" and before "Led Astray" which is a better representation of what the band sounds like now. My favorite song on this, "People of the Book", is lyrically a fucking awesome song, dealing with religion and how it will be the death of us all. Musically "Unrestrained" is heavy and full of very catchy guitar riffs that will get stuck in your head for days and the recording quality helps the whole record shine.

Lie and Wait broke up. Womp womp.

Download: Look Out! - Unrestrained (FhG 192 kbps)