Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some Videos from Chaos in Tejas

Here's some video from Chaos in Tejas. As I said in my previous post I'm looking for any and all videos or pictures from the weekend.

Major ups to Kody for taking these first few videos and posting them on a local message board.

Mammoth Grinder (6/2/11 @ Red 7)

Power Trip (6/3/11 @ The Mohawk)

Tragedy (6/3/11 @ The Broken Neck)

The Impalers (6/4/11 @ Emo's)

Iron Age (6/4/11 @ Emo's)

Not sure who shot the rest of these. Some are just clips some are full sets. If I can find full sets they will replace partial clips unless the quality is significantly worse.

D-Clone (6/2/11 @ Emo's)

Citizen's Arrest (6/3/11 @ Emo's)

Iron Lung (6/4/11 @ Cheer Up Charlies)

Youth of Today - Minor Threat (6/4/11 @ The Mohawk)

Youth of Today - Young til I Die (6/4/11 @ The Mohawk)

Chest Pain (6/5/11 @ a house show)

Origin of [M] (6/5/11 @ Beerland)

Fucked Up (6/5/11 @ The Mohawk)

Phobia (6/5/11 @ Red 7)