Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calling Gina Clark/Dispensing of False Halos - split

Artist: Calling Gina Clark/Dispensing of False Halos
Title: split
Release: 2003
Label: Init Records/Crucificados Pelo Sistema

Track List:
1. Calling Gina Clark - Wir Nehmen Abschied
2. Calling Gina Clark - Blumen Gießen
3. Calling Gina Clark - Ich Fühle Mich Von Ihrer Autorität Auf Den Schlips Getreten Herr Oberkommissar
4. Dispensing of False Halos - It Does Not Not Hurt
5. Dispensing of False Halos - Which Way to Transparent Blue

Here's some more screamo from my collection. If you've read this blog before you probably already know I'm a huge fan. This split was actually one of the earlier records I ever bought. I got it from Init Records when they still had copies.

Calling Gina Clark was from Germany. They changed their name A Fine Boat, That Coffin sometime around 2005. Dispensing of False Halos was from Des Moines, Iowa and was part of that wave of late 90's early 00's American screamo bands that were all the rage for a short period of time. They just don't make it like they used to.

A quick note about the track order. The track listing on the record itself and elsewhere on the internet is incorrect. The Dispensing of False Halos side is out of order. "It Does Not Not Hurt" is the first track on the record even though it is listed as the second.

Download: Calling Gina Clark/Dispensing of False Halos - split (LAME 3.98r V0) Multiupload

Download: Calling Gina Clark/Dispensing of False Halos - split (LAME 3.98r V0) Mediafire

Ursa Minor - Smoke

Artist: Ursa Minor
Title: Smoke
Release: 1997
Label: Abraham Records

Track List:
1. Smoke
2. When Ships Set Sail
3. Goodnight

I picked this record out of a bargain bin based solely on the cover. It screamed mid 90's emo at me. And guess what, it sounds exactly like Mineral, The Gloria Record, and Knapsack. I love that about emo bands from that time. You can tell exactly what the music is gonna sound like based on the cover. Obviously to an extent that's true with a lot of bands. But with 90's emo it just seems more so for some reason.

That being said, if you've listened to the more popular examples of the genre then you probably know exactly what to expect. Quietly sung vocals, mildly dissonant but not unpleasantly so guitars, and a subtle hint of a keyboard buried somewhere in the mix that occasionally stands out loudly. All played at a speeds shifting between drudgingly slow to just a pace above mid-tempo.

I could not find a damn thing about Ursa Minor on the internet. My guess is that they probably only did this record and maybe one or two others. They probably didn't tour much or at all. And they probably never tried to make a name for themselves. If I had to guess, they were probably just college friends who played for a few years then went their separate ways after graduation. Nowadays with the ubiquitousness of the internet bands like that tend to leave a bit more of a record behind. But even in the 90's it's entirely possible that not a single word about Ursa Minor ever made it to the internet. Being the nerd that I am, to me there's something sad about that.

The 7" came with a small insert with the track listing. It says the record was recorded at Wintersound by Bob Gurske in the fall of 1997. I looked him up. It appears he's retired from recording now. Wintersound is in Gloucester Point, Virginia. The address for the record label says Charleston, South Carolina. So my guess is that they're either from Virginia, South Carolina, or somewhere nearby.

Download: Ursa Minor - Smoke (LAME 3.98r V0) Multiupload

Download: Ursa Minor - Smoke (LAME 3.98r V0) Mediafire