Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crow - Neurotic Organization

Artist: Crow
Title: Neurotic Organization
Release: 2001
Label: Prank Records

Track List:
1. Children Lost The Bright Future
2. Dark, Grief, Anger ... And Dark
3. Sanctuary/No Gods No Masters (Amebix)
4. Disorganization

More Crow. Track 3 is an Amebix cover.

Download: Crow - Neurotic Organization (FhG 192 kbps)

Crow - 破滅ノ羽音 (Hametsu no Haoto, The Beating of the Wings of Destruction)

Artist: Crow
Title: 破滅ノ羽音 (Hametsu no Haoto, The Beating of the Wings of Destruction)
Release: 2007
Label: Crow Records

Track List:
1. 破滅ノ羽音 (Hametsu no Haoto, The Beating of the Wings of Destruction)
2. 弔イノ鐘 (Tomurai no Kane, Funeral Bell)
3. 祈リ呪イ (Inori Noroi, Malediction)
4. 囁ク鏡 (Sasayaku Kagami, Whispering Mirror)

This is one awesome LP. I was fortunate enough to pick up a copy at Chaos in Tejas last week. It's a picture disc with some of the most bitchin' artwork I've seen in a while. From what I was told 1000 were pressed, 150 of them were given special silk screened Chaos in Tejas 2010 edition covers. I'm not certain if the ones with the Chaos in Tejas covers were from the original batch of 1000 made in 2007 or if they were part of a repress.

This copy is from the vinyl release. Side A is just one song. Side B is the next 4 songs all in one file since it all sort of runs together.

In the future whenever I post something from Japan I'm going to try and post any titles that are in kanji/kana in both romaji and in as accurate of English as I can muster.

You can still buy a CD version of this album over at Hardcore Holocaust. If/when I scrape the money together to get the CD version I will replace this post with a proper rip from the CD.

Download: Crow - 破滅ノ羽音 (LAME 3.97 V2)

Crow - Flock of Beast

Artist: Crow
Title: Flock of Beast
Release: 2009
Label: Prank Records

Track List:
1. Flock of Beast I
2. Flock of Beast II

Another short but sweet rager from Crow.

I was gonna post a link to buy this but it appears to be out of stock everywhere.

Download: Crow - Flock of Beast (LAME 3.97 V2)

Crow - Bloody Tear

Artist: Crow
Title: Bloody Tear
Release: 2006
Label: Prank Records

Track List:
1. 闘争 -Anarchy Chaos Destruction II-
2. 絶叫
3. 滅亡
4. Give Up All Hope
5. 終焉の扉
6. 混沌神
7. The Death is Singing With Wind
8. 血涙
9. -No Justice I-
10. Slaughter of Nationally -No Justice II-

More metallic punk from Crow.

You can (and should) buy this from the No Idea Records distro.

Update: 07-21-12: I've swapped out the previous download with a new one. Now, instead of something of questionable origin, I've posted a V0 transcode of the FLAC files that Zer was so gracious to post. I took the liberty of running the tracks through Audition and removing the pops and clicks and normalizing the volume. Thanks a ton to Zer for this!
Download: Crow - Bloody Tear (LAME 3.98r V0)

Crow - Anarchy Chaos Destruction

Artist: Crow
Title: Anarchy Chaos Destruction
Release 1997
Label: Crow Records

Track List:
1. Crow
2. Good-Bye Song
3. Last Chaos
4. Who Killed Dove?
5. Anarchy Chaos Destruction
6. War
7. Crow
8. No Violence
9. Give Up All Hope
10. The Day of Annihilation
11. Last Chaos
12. Storms of Despair
13. Is This Fiction?
14. Hiroshima Nagasaki
15. For Fucking State
16. Give Peace a Chance
17. Air Attack
18. Last Chaos
19. Disgust
20. Give Up All Hope
21. The Day of Annihilation
22. I'm Looking Out Over
23. Dance of Death
24. Bloody Earth
25. The End
26. Born to Die
27. Hiroshima Nagasaki
28. Storms of Despair
29. Is This Fiction?

Osaka's Crow should need no introduction, but just in case you're not familiar, they play a form of very raw metallic punk that one has come to expect from Japan, in no small part because of the influence of Crow. "Anarchy Chaos Destruction" is a compilation CD containing four of Crow's earlier releases collected together.

Tracks 1-4 from "Who Killed Dove?" (1986, Crow Records)
Tracks 5-18 from "Last Chaos" (1987, Crow Records)
Tracks 19-24 from "Eye of the Thrash Guerrilla" compilation (1988, Selfish Records)
Tracks 25-29 from "Last Tape Grind Crust"

Download: Crow - Anarchy Chaos Destruction (LAME 3.98r 320 kbps)

Bastard - No Hope In Here

Artist: Bastard
Title: No Hope In Here
Release 2002
Label: Bastard Records

Track List:
1. Misery
2. Flash Out
3. Never Change
4. Wind of Pain
5. To the Stumped Underdogs
6. Dear Cops
7. The Way To Survive
8. Truth
9. Tragic Insane
10. Spend Your Life
11. Defective Chain
12. Moment of Death
13. Cause of Civilization
14. Slick Plot
15. Lasting Power
16. 屍 (Shikabane, Corpse)

This is a CD re-issue of the legendary Bastard's "No Hope In Here". It compiles all of their releases in one disc.

Tracks 1-8 from "Wind of Pain" (1990, Bloodsucker Records/Bastard Records)
Tracks 9-14 from "Controlled in the Frame" (1989, Bastard Records)
Track 15 previously unreleased
Track 16 from "Triple Cross Counter" compilation (1989, Kagai Mousou)

Download: Bastard - No Hope In Here (LAME 3.97 V0)