Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exhale/Skitkids - split

Artist: Exhale/Skitkids
Title: split
Release: 2004
Label: Putrid Filth Conspiracy

Track List:
1. Exhale - 制裁 (Seisai, Punishment)
2. Exhale - Instinct Again
3. Skitkids - Du Har Inget Värde
4. Skitkids - Vidrigt Käk Utan Kök
5. Skitkids - Lyckans Sång

This is a killer split between Japan's Exhale (apparently there are multiple bands with that name) and Sweden's Skitkids.

I couldn't add the files to a normal zip archive because of some of the characters in the file names so this upload is in a 7-Zip archive. You can download 7-Zip for free from here.

Download: Exhale/Skitkids - split (LAME 3.93 192 kbps)

Crow - Death of Nuclear Arms

Artist: Crow
Title: Death of Nuclear Arms
Release: 1998
Label: Crow Records

Track List:
1. 混沌神 ~Death of Nuclear Arms~ (Konton Kami, God of Chaos)
2. At Last Coming
3. Into the Void

I was pretty stoked to find a fantastically done rip of this gem from Crow. You should be too since it was hard to find and it sounds perfect.

Download: Crow - Death of Nuclear Arms (LAME 3.95 V0)