Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crow - Bloody Tear

Artist: Crow
Title: Bloody Tear
Release: 2006
Label: Prank Records

Track List:
1. 闘争 -Anarchy Chaos Destruction II-
2. 絶叫
3. 滅亡
4. Give Up All Hope
5. 終焉の扉
6. 混沌神
7. The Death is Singing With Wind
8. 血涙
9. -No Justice I-
10. Slaughter of Nationally -No Justice II-

More metallic punk from Crow.

You can (and should) buy this from the No Idea Records distro.

Update: 07-21-12: I've swapped out the previous download with a new one. Now, instead of something of questionable origin, I've posted a V0 transcode of the FLAC files that Zer was so gracious to post. I took the liberty of running the tracks through Audition and removing the pops and clicks and normalizing the volume. Thanks a ton to Zer for this!
Download: Crow - Bloody Tear (LAME 3.98r V0)

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