Monday, March 12, 2012

This Is Worth Mentioning

So unless you've been living in a cave you know that in the aftermath of the apparent defeat of the draconian "SOPA" anti-piracy law here in the U.S. a bunch of file sharing sites got taken down, most notably Megaupload. Others, like Mediafire, began disabling access to a great number of files voluntarily. I won't go into what I think about all that (take a guess) but I will say that should anything happen to the files I've posted here I'm prepared to spend the time to repost them if needed.

I really don't like making meta-posts like this, but Zer over at Church of Zer really inspired me. All of his files got wiped. But he's back and now all his files are FLAC! I cannot commend him enough for sticking with it and using what surely was a discouraging moment to make what he posts even better. If you like anything I post here there's a very strong chance you'll love what he posts if you're not already aware of his blog. I don't know if I'll switch to FLAC, but I sure won't stop sharing.

I don't get many comments (or readers, do ho ho ho), so I'm going to use this chance to solicit some. If you want to request something then take a look at my list of records and let me know if there's anything you want me to rip.


Mustard Relics said...

Been searching high and low for something and you "had" it but we know that story... Any chance I could get you to reup the Crow "Anarchy Chaos Destruction" CD?

punkmar77 said...

Thanks for all the hard work, sharing some of your links on Anarcho-Punk.Net feel free to do the same...and upload some Diatribe please...cheers!

Elías said...

I really love if you rip and upload anything of Pygmy Lush you've got. Thanks in advance!

Gweebo said...

Just found your site a couple hours ago and have been having a lot of fun learning and listening to a lot of new music! Thank you sir.

Sean said...

@Mustard Relics:
I totally forgot that a bunch of my older posts only used multiupload. I'm going to reupload everything that I can over next few weeks. There's a lot of posts so it might take some time. I'll start with everything by Crow right now. I think I have some stuff that I never posted here, so expect to see that put up as well.

Thanks! I don't think I have anything by Diatribe though.

I've got most (or all) of their discography. I'll post it in the near future. I think it can all be found elsewhere, but most of what I have is V0 or V2.