Sunday, June 24, 2012

Break Machine - Street Dance

Artist: Break Machine
Title: Street Dance
Release: 1983
Label: Sire Records Company

1. Street Dance (Vocal)
2. Street Dance (Instrumental)

This shit right here is still fresh despite being nearly 30 years old. When I think of good hip-hop this is pretty much exactly what comes to mind.

Download: Break Machine - Street Dance (LAME 3.98r V0) Mediafire

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Scott said...

Though this is definitely reminiscent of when the rights outweighed the wrongs in hip-hop culture with its feel good vibe to it, this is a fairly commercial production. After the movie Flashdance (1983), hip-hop began its ascent from a subculture to a worldwide phenomenon. This song captures this well.

In fact, aside from the references to bboying, there isn't many elements of hip-hop in this song. It's way closer to electro (electronic instruments + funk) and boogie (disco+funk). Which, all these styles—Hip-hop, electro, and boogie—influenced each other so it's not to say electro-funk and boogie has no place in hip-hop. It runs parallel with the differences in hip-hop dances. Popping and locking (and about a dozen other styles collectively called "funk styles") originated on the west coast, while bboying and up-rocking are from the east coast. In fact, I'd rather pop or boogaloo to his song way before I'd ever b-boy to it.

Its sound, in comparison to all the other hip-hop music, has a pop feel to it. This track, in fact, was produced by the same people who produced tracks for the Village People and had worldwide success.

Regardless, I still like this song and thanks for uploading.

But if you want the BEST definition of what you think of hip-hop music, then it's this: