Sunday, August 21, 2011

pg. 99 Reunion Show

Best night of my life.

It's kinda odd to know that, at least when it comes to experiences involving music, you've peaked at 26.

I flew out from DFW to Richmond for this show. I never fly anywhere for shows. But, I never saw them before they broke up so I've been waiting 8 or so years for this. I don't think I can write anything that will do the anticipation, the excitement, and sense of joyful release I felt even an ounce of justice.

Being in a room packed with total strangers but feeling as if every single one of them is on the same wavelength as myself is something really special. Few bands can make that happen. pg. 99 is one of them.

Major thanks to joshuashomburg for uploading their entire set.

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James K said...

You're a goddamn warrior, Seanie. Glad you had fun.