Friday, April 4, 2008

Fucked Up - Looking for Gold

Artist: Fucked Up
Title: Looking for Gold
Release Date: 2004
Label: Self Released

Track List:
1. Looking for Gold Part 1
2. Looking for Gold Part 2
3. Fate of Fates

There really isn't enough that can be said of Fucked Up. They come from Toronto way up north in Canada where the air is nice and clean. They are an absolute blast to see live. And, they do crazy shit like record 18 minute songs that still manage to be no less punk than their 2 minute songs. "Looking for Gold" is one of their longest songs (not quite as long as the more recent "Year of the Pig") and is definitely an odd record. Fucked Up released it themselves in 2004 and included not a single liner note or song title. The A side has a hidden track with lots of whistling and a drum solo. The B side "Fate of Fates" was later re-recorded for the "Hidden World" LP. Good luck ever finding a real copy of this little gem.

Download: Fucked Up - Looking for Gold (LAME 3.92 APS)


twoheadedfox said...

reupload please??

Sean said...

Just reuploaded it. Thanks for letting me know this had gone down.