Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reuploaded Some Albums

These links were all dead. I forgot I only used for my early posts. I will be reuploading everything over the next few weeks. Everything I reupload will be added to this post.

Black Flag - Damaged

Fucked Up - Looking for Gold

My Luck - ...Is Frozen

Seeker - Demo 2008

Out to Sea - Mouth Like a Sailor Demo 2008

Power Trip - Demo 2008

Gauze - 面を洗って出直して来い

Criminal Damage - Criminal Damage

Bastard - No Home in Here

Crow - Anarchy Chaos Destruction

Crow - Bloody Tear

Crow - Flock of Beast

Crow - 破滅ノ羽音

Crow - Neurotic Organization

Nightmare - Early Years

Crow - Death of Nuclear Arms

Exhale/Skitkids - split

Breaking Power the Prisoner - Break Way

Lie and Wait - 2 Song Tour Demo

Kuro - Who the Helpless + 10 Tracks

City of Caterpillar - Demo + Live Recording

Order of the Kite Volumes One and Two

Confuse - Nuclear Addicts E.P. (reissue)

Chest Pain - Chest Pain

Look Out! - Unrestrained
Tarpit - Wake Up
Summertime Compilation
Hakodate City Hard Core
The Riverboat Gamblers/Electric Eel Shock - split

1 comment:

Derek said...

Thanks a ton! I like seeing the city of caterpillar here amongst some of the japanese hardcore that got me here.